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MegaMan Battle Network - Zero Crisis

MegaMan Battle Network - Zero Crisis My own MegaMan Battle Network Fan Game.

Info / News:
Updated MoveSets-Page.
I am also very sorry for any confusion about N1GP/"Grand Prix"-Mode: The mode is not online, it is ment to emulate online gameplay. However, it may become a full online-mode at some point.


Engine: RPG Maker XP
Productiontime: 6 Years + WIP
Progress: --%
Version: PreBeta Demo Zero.3
Download-Version date: 01.12.2011

• Download PreBeta Demo Zero.3
• Character MoveSets

To play this Game, the RPG Maker XP RTP (Runtime Package) has to be installed to your computer. Download via rpgmakerweb.com
Alternate download via my homepage: Download

Check out videos and trailers on YouTube!

Minimum requirements for play:

- Dualcore CPU 1800ghz
- 500mb RAM
- Medium Generation GFXcard (like Radeon X700 / Geforce 6400)

Error Message: "Script is hanging"

This error accures by running the game on slower / older computers.
By retrying a few times the error should disappear, which number depends on the strengh of your computer.